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Musical Code Found in “DaVinci Code” Chapel

DAILY MUSE | Here’s an absolutely fascinating find. A father and son team studying the Rossyln Chapel in Scotland (made famous in “The DaVinci Code”) have found a code in geometric stone carvings inside the chapel from which they have decoded musical compositos. Check it out here and here. Quite beautiful!

Here is a physical demonstration of their theory used in deciphering the code.



DAILY MUSE | Neko Case’s “Hold On, Hold On” is one of my favorite songs from last year. The studio recording and something about her voice give it the feel of 1960’s pop classic– one of those songs that sound inevitable. Here it is sung live.

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TODAY’S MUSE: Fairground Attraction

DAILY MUSE | As I listen to music like Madeleine Peyroux and Norah Jones, who have garnered popularity nowadays, I recall one of my favorite groups from the late 80s– Fairground Attraction. They had one phenomenal album called “The First of A Millions Kisses”, which did well in alternative programming radio stations at the time, but did not fair that well in general POPularity. I listen to them now ( in relation to Peyroux and Jones) and think how much they were ahead of their time. How their music is still fresh and new. How every song on that album had a great hit-like hook… kinda like how the Cranberry’s first album was as well. FAs sound and sensibility seems to be a strong precursory influence of the current popularity of Peyroux and Jones and the like– which is a very good thing. Check out a few links below and listen to the sounds of Fairground Attraction.

Find My Love


Not sure what this video has to do with their music, but here’s another one of their tracks– Perfect

Live TV footage- Smile And A Whisper

More live TV footage- The Wind Knows My Name

The Moon is Mine- Live (not great sound)

More live concert footage (not great sound)- Allelujah

Find My Love (Live)

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Eva Cassidy | Encore

DAILY MUSE | I just came across this excellent ABC Nightline feature on the life of singer Eva Cassidy. It filled in a lot of background that I didn’t know about. If you are already a fan of this extraordinary singer, you’ll love it. If you don’t know about Eva’s limitless talent yet, watch it. And pick up some of her recordings. They are absolute treasures.

UPDATE | Part 3 will make you weep… I did.

(In order to make these links work you need to click once… then click again after the “embedding” notice pops up. You will then be taken to YouTube site to watch it there.)

Part 1

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Hello Dali

DAILY MUSE | Here is a wonderful documentary on surrealist Salvador Dali.

(Last week, I used his image “Persistance of Memory” in this post.)

Hallelujah for Jeff Buckley

DAILY MUSE | Here’s an excellent BBC documentary I came across on musician/singer Jeff Buckley, an extraordinary creative artist who tragically died too young.

The Art of the Burning Man

DAILY MUSE | Watch this fabulous video about the artistic experience of the Burning Man celebrations. (Link)