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Musical Code Found in “DaVinci Code” Chapel

DAILY MUSE | Here’s an absolutely fascinating find. A father and son team studying the Rossyln Chapel in Scotland (made famous in “The DaVinci Code”) have found a code in geometric stone carvings inside the chapel from which they have decoded musical compositos. Check it out here and here. Quite beautiful!

Here is a physical demonstration of their theory used in deciphering the code.


What Jesus Meant

DAILY MUSE | I will add today this thoughtful conversation about Jesus and what he really meant by his ministry– a refreshing contrast to the constant blather we hear so often, particularly from the crazed fringes of Christianity which sadly have become more mainstream here in America. This intriguing and sane dialogue supports the general sense I see repeatedly played out– that by and large most Christians today are really missing the point. This particularly applies to those allied with the Christian conservative political aim and agenda, which all in all would make Jesus roll over in his grave (so to speak). Pray that sanity and reason and true compassion will embrace us all at last.

The conversation is the first segment (in the first 34 minutes)

THE SUNDAY SERVING: Joseph Campbell and The Power of Myth

DAILY MUSE | One of my favorite programs ever has been the multi-episode interview Bill Moyers conducted with mythologist Joseph Campbell entitled “The Power of Myth“. Wikipedia summarizes: “The interviews were filmed at George Lucas‘s Skywalker Ranch during the final two summers of Campbell’s life (the series was broadcast on television a year after his death). In these discussions, Campbell presents his ideas about comparative mythology and the ongoing role of myth in human society. These talks include excerpts from Campbell’s seminal work The Hero with a Thousand Faces.” To that I’ll add that I believe it’s one of the most important television programs ever made.

The series is six episodes and well worth a watch at sometime in your life. Thanks to Bill Moyers and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis for bringing this wonderfully illuminating series and book to us.

Part 1: The Hero’s Adventure

Part 2: The Message of the Myth

Part 3: The First Storytellers

Part 4: Sacrifice and Bliss

Part 5: Love and the Goddess

Part 6: Mask of Eternity (I cannot find this episode, only the first five. If anyone comes across it please pass on the link so I can update this post. Thanks.)

Here is a follow-up interview that Bill Moyers had with George Lucas years after Campbell’s death.



DAILY MUSE | Sundays, traditionally, are our day of rest when we are called to take in our awareness of the source of life and be renewed and edified by the source… whether one call it God or the creator or creation. Over the past few Sundays (and even among many of Today’s Muses) I’ve offered sizeable chunks of creative thought to try on, take in or ponder. I’ve decided to make this a constant feature of my blog on Sundays. So today, I begin a new feature I will call The Sunday Serving.

Today’s Sunday Serving is a fascinating and in-depth documentary on Carl Jung called “The Wisdom of the Dream”.

Part 1: Life of Dream

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TODAY’S MUSE: The Secret & Oprah

DAILY MUSE | Yesterday you watched the movie “The Secret”. Today… watch these segments of the recent Oprah show featuring “The Secret”. She had a great panel discussing this most basic principle of the universe that most of us misuse… or rather we use it all the time… just to the wrong ends.

Oprah- Part 1

Oprah-Part 2

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BREAKING NEWS: Tomb of Jesus and Family Found

DAILY MUSE | Claims by James Cameron, Hollywood director of ‘Titanic’ and ‘The Terminator’, that he has found the real tomb of Jesus will no doubt prove to be controversial– and perhaps a groundshaking challenge to the beliefs of millions of Christians around the world. His version of the conclusion of Jesus’s life more closely resembles that of ‘The Da Vinci Code’ than the narrative of time honored Christian tradition. He claims that Jesus was entombed with his family, including his wife, Mary Magdalene, and his son, Judah (some have reported that the name is Jonah). Cameron’s claims are supported by scientific research, including DNA analysis, which he will include in the broadcast of an upcoming Discovery Channel documentary. Links to other articles about the new findings are listed below.


(Photo credit: Discovery Channel)