The Dark Side of the Rainbow (Full Length)

DAILY MUSE | A week or so ago I posted a YouTube video demonstration of the phenomenon known as “The Dark Side of the Rainbow” (Also known as “The Wizard of Floyd”), whereby Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon can be played in sync with events in the film ” The Wizard of Oz”. Since then I have found multiple postings showing the extended duration of this. These links below take it from the beginning and play the album through once. Some of the syncs are uncanny! | via meowcat889

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3: Great Gig in the Sky… incredible!

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Discussion of the similarities here | here |


3 responses to “The Dark Side of the Rainbow (Full Length)

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  3. The transition at 4:06 from Breath into On the Run is particularly convincing but then it losses it. At 4:47, you can clearly hear footsteps on On the Run but no-one in Oz is moving

    The start of Time fits very nicely as the scene with Miss Gulch riding her bike opens and the sense of foreboding with the bass note at 0:40 on the second clip works very well. And knowing that Miss Gulch has come to take Toto away adds to the implied menace of the music. And I must admit, The Other Side of the Sky fits in well with the tornado scene. Especially after Dorothy gets knocked on the head.

    But after that I got rather bored watching and so only skipped through the raining parts of the movie. It guess it gave me something to do an a rainy Sunday afternoon

    Band members and others involved in making of the album state that any relationship between the two works of art is merely a coincidence. Having watched the selected part of the YouTube movie I have to say, I don’t even think it is well enough aligned to say that.

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