TODAY’S MUSE: Fallingwater

DAILY MUSE | Today’s Muse is “Fallingwater”, Frank Lloyd wright’s most famous house– and arguably one of the most famous houses in the world. Built in 1939, it marks Wright’s entry into the second act of his career. Since then, it has served as inspiration to countless architects and homeowners throughout the years. Can you imagine living in a home that is so rooted in and intertwined with the nature from where is springs? If I lived there, I’m sure I’d end up having tons of creative ideas hearing that waterfall running all the time.

Watch this detailed tour through the house…

TV News footage…

I’ve never toured it. I think it’s going to be on the top of my list of weekend trips this Spring/Summer/Fall in my new convertible.

Here’s a video tour with soundtrack by Art Garfunkel…

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4 responses to “TODAY’S MUSE: Fallingwater

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  2. i love this house. it’s so simple yet so complex. its interesting that in the middle of the spring and rocks, there are so many straight lines and panels. looks lovely.
    frank llyod wright and (also) frank gehry just take modern artichtecture to a compeletly different level!

  3. Yes… the straight lines and composition so elegantly grow out of the rocks. Stunning beauty.

  4. omg this is a dream house i just love how artist can catch little things that make them sooooo big or to big things just right they always fit the space NICEEEE

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