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TODAY’S MUSE: Connect With A Creative Ally

DAILY MUSE | It’s easier to be creative in community– with creative allies who will give you the permission to show up as the creative genius that you are. As allies they’ll give you the space to reinvent yourself- or the space to just show up and be great. They’ll listen to and honor your ideas. They’ll mirror them back to you. Sometimes magnifying them and expanding them. The more you surround yourself with creative allies, the more permission you will have to show up as creatively.

List all the people you know. Who among them are your creative allies? Or have the potential to be one? Connect with one today. Now, in fact. Pick up the phone. Make a lunch appointment. Or a date to go to a museum. Or to a play. Honor your current creative allies. Reach out and cultivate new ones. And also look to see who you might be a creative ally for? Reach out to that person. Be generous with them. Create and give them the space to just be great in.

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The Way the Music Died

DAILY MUSE | Here’s an excellent Frontline documentary describing the background of how and why the music industry has declined.

What new creative possibilities in music are becoming available now as a result of this?

The Reinvention of the Resume

DAILY MUSE | via Marketallica | Check out this very clever reinvention of a resume.

Hello Dali

DAILY MUSE | Here is a wonderful documentary on surrealist Salvador Dali.

(Last week, I used his image “Persistance of Memory” in this post.)

TODAY’S MUSE: The Secret

DAILY MUSE | “The Secret”. Nuff said.

Coming tomorrow… TODAY’S MUSE: The Secret & ______.

“The Secret” website where you can buy a copy of the movie and more for your friends.
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Spontaneous Commmunal Performance Art

DAILY MUSE | via flashmobvids | I’d heard of Flash Mobs, but never by name. My first exposure was a brief mention on NPR and an obscure but curious XBox TV commercial which ran briefly on air afew years ago. Each account fascinated me. The NPR report conjured up that voice in me that longed for urban living, just so I could participate in one. The TV ad documented a fantastically complex make-believe-urban- shoot-out which made me long for childish innocence and foolishness.

Wikipedia describes a Flash Mob as “a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, do something unusual for a brief period of time, and then quickly disperse. They are usually organized with the help of the Internet or other digital communications networks.” People often congregate in mob for only a few minutes and then continue on with their day.

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The Mooninites Are Coming! The Mooninites Are Coming!

DAILY MUSE | In the wake of the recent mass media created hysteria in Boston, here is the trailer for the upcoming movie “Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theatres”. I’d actually never been aware of ATHF until the recent fiasco. (Proof that guerrilla marketing works.) Last week one of my co-workers showed me an episode (below the fold). He thinks it’s their best. Whatever it is, it definitely shows the surreal brand of humor that is ATHF.

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