Is Free Energy on its Way?

DAILY MUSE | Over-Unity or Zero-Point energy, essentially free energy from a machine that produces more energy than it takes to run it, way be closer than we think. Here is a great documentary on this fantastic, creative and hopeful development which perhaps one day may pose viable alternatives to oil and possible solutions to the subject of my post yesterday.

UPDATE | Sorry everyone! Here is the embedded link.


7 responses to “Is Free Energy on its Way?

  1. Where is the documentary?
    At the moment, the little I know of physics don’t allow me to believe any of it.

  2. Whoops… sorry I forgot to embed the link. I’ll have to do it when I get home from work later.

  3. Free energy has been talked about for years, many of the worlds leading scientists have theorised about it for even longer.
    I dont think the world corporations and many government would like to see this technology being introduced as it would turn our economies upside down

  4. fascinating
    prolly can’t rule this out as completely impossible with the laws of thermodynamics being not as much “laws” as observed tendencies without observed examples of the contrary and some potential explanation in quantum mechanics.
    However, there are so many things here which make the current claims so improbable (potential macroscopic result of quantum effect never before noticed in scientific experiments, video from 1995 and still no commercial machine out there, etc.), I can hardly hope for a discovery here (at all or soon).
    But I’d be happy to be proven wrong 😉

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  6. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that energy corporations are actively trying to suppress this to maintain power and wealth.

  7. This technology has existed since we’ll before i was born in the 1960s
    I have seen it work. Many of us, inventors have built these devices they have been kept superseded since teslas early days. I’m surprised at how many people think they will be the guy to give the world free energy. I invented 7 different free energy devices from the 80s onward and I can tell all of you not to waste your time on trying to sell them in any way. The powers that be co,e down like a hammer on guys like us if we try to unbalance the system. It is illegal to try and accomplish this. The nsa and fbi have a law that states you are attempting to overthrow the established systems in place in the United states and abroad. They will steal your device threaten you, arrest you, detain you threaten your family you will be forced to sign a document saying that u will never work on this technology again. This is no joke. People are killed for doing this. I made a list of dead men that tried to do this free energy endeavor. I respect and love all you guys like me. I designed a few free energy space craft and air craft and can’t get a patten on any of it. They don’t give patients out for these devices. They won’t a knowledge anyone on this subject. My engine runs on only magnitism and never needs fuel and can work in a car,boat,sub,war machine,saucer etc. I designed one of the greatest devices ever and they, the powers that be refused to even meet with me. Many people have refused to answer my phone calls, letters or e mails.

    Bloodviking, ufologist inventor priest

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