TODAY’S MUSE: An Introduction

DAILY MUSE | Classical tradition holds that there are nine muses. I believe there are more. One for everyday in fact.

In addition to offering links to creative nourishment in THE DAILY MUSE, I will be featuring a daily post called “Today’s Muse” which will offer a daily participational focus for those on a creative path. It may take the form of a thought, idea, riddle, koan, something to do, be, see, smell, taste, hear, touch, ponder. It may be a practical exercise or a caprice, a whimsy. It may be abstract or concrete, divergent or convergent in thought and intent. Whatever form the Muses take, I hope that they will offer positive spiritual and creative growth for all of you who choose to particpate. I do these for myself, but am sharing them with you all to participate in as well. Please share any thoughts, ideas, experiences or creations that come to you through the Muses.

OK, so let’s get going…


28 responses to “TODAY’S MUSE: An Introduction

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  5. As a tiny seed grow the highest tree, so do our words. Your address writes the most wonderful poetry of gratitude in my heart.

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