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Hallelujah for Jeff Buckley

DAILY MUSE | Here’s an excellent BBC documentary I came across on musician/singer Jeff Buckley, an extraordinary creative artist who tragically died too young.


TODAY’S MUSE: The Secret

DAILY MUSE | “The Secret”. Nuff said.

Coming tomorrow… TODAY’S MUSE: The Secret & ______.

“The Secret” website where you can buy a copy of the movie and more for your friends.
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The Amen Break

DAILY MUSE | Watch and listen to this very informative and unique video about a ubiquitous element in today’s musical scene– The Amen Break. It’s fascinating how much influence this little break beat has had.

TODAY’S MUSE: The Evolution of Dance

DAILY MUSE | In case you haven’t seen this video yet– one of YouTube’s most popular of all time — please enjoy your first viewing. If you’ve already watched it before, please enjoy it again. And by all means shake your groove thang.

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The Art of the Burning Man

DAILY MUSE | Watch this fabulous video about the artistic experience of the Burning Man celebrations. (Link)

BREAKING NEWS: Tomb of Jesus and Family Found

DAILY MUSE | Claims by James Cameron, Hollywood director of ‘Titanic’ and ‘The Terminator’, that he has found the real tomb of Jesus will no doubt prove to be controversial– and perhaps a groundshaking challenge to the beliefs of millions of Christians around the world. His version of the conclusion of Jesus’s life more closely resembles that of ‘The Da Vinci Code’ than the narrative of time honored Christian tradition. He claims that Jesus was entombed with his family, including his wife, Mary Magdalene, and his son, Judah (some have reported that the name is Jonah). Cameron’s claims are supported by scientific research, including DNA analysis, which he will include in the broadcast of an upcoming Discovery Channel documentary. Links to other articles about the new findings are listed below.


(Photo credit: Discovery Channel)

TODAY’S MUSE: Enlarge Your Earliest Memory

The Persistence of Memory, Salvaldor Dali

DAILY MUSE | What is your earliest memory? Close your eyes. Conjure it up in your mind. Spend some time there. Imagine the sounds. The sights. Smells. Tastes… and other senstations that accompany and support that memory. What are your other memories of that memory? How else can you enlarge that memory?

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