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How To Concentrate

DAILY MUSE | Feeling a little low today, and lacking inspiration, I decided to Google “creativity” and clicked on the video listings. I came across a link that brought me to several videos by Tony Buzan, apparent creator of the mind-mapping technique. These were a series short and very basic videos, but they offer something of a positive value, because after watching a few I felt noticeably brighter, clearer and more upbeat. Here is on “How to Concentrate”. After watching it, I’m no longer a creative problem solver. I’m now a creative solution finder.

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TODAY’S MUSE: Taking a Shower

DAILY MUSE | I tend to have great ideas when I’m in the shower. I don’t know what it is exactly. The massage effect of the jets of water? The effect of water ionization? But I would say that the percentage of good ideas I’ve had while taking a shower is higher than during other activities. Are you a shower genius too?

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Interview with Steven Spielberg (Full Length)

DAILY MUSE | Did you know that as a kid Steven Spielberg conned his way on to a movie lot, found a vacant office and and began operating as if he worked out of it? And that this led directly to him getting real work from the studio? Learn this and other new info (including discussions of his creative origins I’ve never heard him explain before) in this well done British TV documentary/interview with him. It also includes interviews about Spielberg with George Lucas and Sean Connery.

P.S. I just love how the British pronounce ‘controversy’

TODAY’S MUSE: Connect With A Creative Ally

DAILY MUSE | It’s easier to be creative in community– with creative allies who will give you the permission to show up as the creative genius that you are. As allies they’ll give you the space to reinvent yourself- or the space to just show up and be great. They’ll listen to and honor your ideas. They’ll mirror them back to you. Sometimes magnifying them and expanding them. The more you surround yourself with creative allies, the more permission you will have to show up as creatively.

List all the people you know. Who among them are your creative allies? Or have the potential to be one? Connect with one today. Now, in fact. Pick up the phone. Make a lunch appointment. Or a date to go to a museum. Or to a play. Honor your current creative allies. Reach out and cultivate new ones. And also look to see who you might be a creative ally for? Reach out to that person. Be generous with them. Create and give them the space to just be great in.

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TODAY’S MUSE : What’s on your desk?

DAILY MUSE | Check out this nifty, inspiring blog dedicated to the interesting stuff on the desks of creative people. So what’s on your desk?

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|via On My Desk

The Reinvention of the Resume

DAILY MUSE | via Marketallica | Check out this very clever reinvention of a resume.

TODAY’S MUSE: Organize a Creative Workspace

Artist’s Studio by Jan Vermeer

DAILY MUSE | Part of allowing creativity into your life means setting aside space for creativity to easily occur when it moves through you. Today, set aside a space in your home. A desk. A workbench. A chair or a corner. Provide yourself an adequate work surface, and adjacent to it gather all the tools, supplies, instruments or equipment needed for your creative endeavors. Have them easily accessible and organized. Have the space clear from any clutter other than what is needed for you creations. Set it up so that it is always ready to go when you are moved to create. That way you can begin creating at the time the spirit moves you, rather than expending amounts of your creative energy in clearing the space of clutter at the time you are wanting most to create.

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