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TODAY’S MUSE: Watch TV on Your Computer… for Free!

DAILY MUSE | Today I just came across this very interesting website that provides links to nearly 2500 TV stations from around the world. I have already saved links to several BBC stations and programs and have browsed stations quite literally from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Found several classic movie channels and unique lifestyle channels. The enormous number of news channels should serve to broaden horizons and viewpoints beyond those available from our narrow minded corporate owned news media outlets. Check it out and broaden your world view.

UPDATE | Here is another link that shows free streaming movie channels along with lists of what is currently playing. Right now I am watching Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn in “Charade”.



DAILY MUSE| Today’s Muse is Splice, a free online music sequencer that’s very easy to use. Check it out and start creating your own music today!

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The Yes Men (Full length)

DALY MUSE | I find it inspiring to see such creativity used in exposing hypocrisy and corruption in our society and culture. (Language alert!)

THE SUNDAY SERVING: The Elegant Universe

DAILY MUSE | Sorry everyone. Work got the best of me this week, so my posts dwindled. Here’s to a new week!

This week’s Sunday Serving is The Elegant Universe, a NOVA documentary based on Brian Greene’s book of the same name. It offers a comprehensive (and surprisingly understandable) explanation of String Theory which may hold the possibility of meeting Einstein’s dream of a single theory explaining the workings of the entire universe– a Unified Theory– a Theory of Everything.

Artists, writers, musicians, philosophers– in fact everyone– can benefit from the creative possibilities of dwelling in this kind of thought.

Part1 of Hour One

Part 2 of Hour One

Part 3 of Hour One

Part 4 of Hour One

Part 5 Of Hour One

Hours Two and Three are below the fold…

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DAILY MUSE | Dada came as a reaction to Work War I. As an artist what is your reaction to our current state of War?

These artists had some fun with Dada… Dada (A Pseudomentary)

Is Free Energy on its Way?

DAILY MUSE | Over-Unity or Zero-Point energy, essentially free energy from a machine that produces more energy than it takes to run it, way be closer than we think. Here is a great documentary on this fantastic, creative and hopeful development which perhaps one day may pose viable alternatives to oil and possible solutions to the subject of my post yesterday.

UPDATE | Sorry everyone! Here is the embedded link.

The Reinvention of the Resume

DAILY MUSE | via Marketallica | Check out this very clever reinvention of a resume.