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TODAY’S MUSE: Watch TV on Your Computer… for Free!

DAILY MUSE | Today I just came across this very interesting website that provides links to nearly 2500 TV stations from around the world. I have already saved links to several BBC stations and programs and have browsed stations quite literally from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Found several classic movie channels and unique lifestyle channels. The enormous number of news channels should serve to broaden horizons and viewpoints beyond those available from our narrow minded corporate owned news media outlets. Check it out and broaden your world view.

UPDATE | Here is another link that shows free streaming movie channels along with lists of what is currently playing. Right now I am watching Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn in “Charade”.


What Jesus Meant

DAILY MUSE | I will add today this thoughtful conversation about Jesus and what he really meant by his ministry– a refreshing contrast to the constant blather we hear so often, particularly from the crazed fringes of Christianity which sadly have become more mainstream here in America. This intriguing and sane dialogue supports the general sense I see repeatedly played out– that by and large most Christians today are really missing the point. This particularly applies to those allied with the Christian conservative political aim and agenda, which all in all would make Jesus roll over in his grave (so to speak). Pray that sanity and reason and true compassion will embrace us all at last.

The conversation is the first segment (in the first 34 minutes)

THE SUNDAY SERVING: Arundhati Roy’s “We”

DAILY MUSE | The words of Arundhati Roy, author of the novel “The God of Small Things”, feature prominently in this compelling documentary called “We”. Inspired from Roy’s “Come September” speech it deals with the politics of power, war, corporation, deception and exploitation in a literate, creative visual and sonic experience– with a great soundtrack featuring many notable artists.

Find out more at


The Yes Men (Full length)

DALY MUSE | I find it inspiring to see such creativity used in exposing hypocrisy and corruption in our society and culture. (Language alert!)


DAILY MUSE | Dada came as a reaction to Work War I. As an artist what is your reaction to our current state of War?

These artists had some fun with Dada… Dada (A Pseudomentary)