DAILY MUSE | Go see a play. Not a musical. A play. I went to see “Doubt” last night, playing in the Shubert Theater in New Haven. It starred Cherry Jones, who won the Tony Award for her role as Sister Aloysius on Broadway in 2005. It’s a rare treat for a play on tour to have the originator of a role in the touring company- let alone having the Tony Award winning originator of the role. Needless to say, both the performance and the evening were magnificent.

There really is no substitute for live theater. It offers unique creative opportunities, even as a mere member of the audience. On the one hand you have a singular opportunity to witness (both individually and in community) the stunning immediacy of well expressed emotions on a fabulously creative journey. On the other hand its an awesome opportunity for a helluva night on the town– we drifted through New Haven last night, letting one place lead us to the next, while we discussed the themes if the play… and life… and what have you. Either way you look at it you can’t miss.

Today, it seems that most people entertaining the possibility of seeing a live show are automatically drawn to see a musical. While musicals are a joy to see live and in person, there is a sacred intimacy to a play that I have yet to experience in a musical that deserves it’s own place of honor. Go pay homage. Go see a play!

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