Interview with Steven Spielberg (Full Length)

DAILY MUSE | Did you know that as a kid Steven Spielberg conned his way on to a movie lot, found a vacant office and and began operating as if he worked out of it? And that this led directly to him getting real work from the studio? Learn this and other new info (including discussions of his creative origins I’ve never heard him explain before) in this well done British TV documentary/interview with him. It also includes interviews about Spielberg with George Lucas and Sean Connery.

P.S. I just love how the British pronounce ‘controversy’


4 responses to “Interview with Steven Spielberg (Full Length)

  1. Very entertaining and enlightening! Digs deeper than many other documentaries.

    Brad Jacques
    “On the Lot” member

  2. Yes it is. I find it interesting that American celebrities are sometimes more generous with foreign audiences, making appearances, sharing information with, doing commercials for them that they wouldn’t normally do for American audiences. Is it the celebrity? Or the press not going deep enough?

  3. Perhaps American interviewers are not asking the correct questions… or have the time to.

  4. Brad: I checked out your on the lot entry. Very well done, clever and funny. I hope you make it on to the show.

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