THE SUNDAY SERVING: The Elegant Universe

DAILY MUSE | Sorry everyone. Work got the best of me this week, so my posts dwindled. Here’s to a new week!

This week’s Sunday Serving is The Elegant Universe, a NOVA documentary based on Brian Greene’s book of the same name. It offers a comprehensive (and surprisingly understandable) explanation of String Theory which may hold the possibility of meeting Einstein’s dream of a single theory explaining the workings of the entire universe– a Unified Theory– a Theory of Everything.

Artists, writers, musicians, philosophers– in fact everyone– can benefit from the creative possibilities of dwelling in this kind of thought.

Part1 of Hour One

Part 2 of Hour One

Part 3 of Hour One

Part 4 of Hour One

Part 5 Of Hour One

Hours Two and Three are below the fold…

Part 1 Of Hour Two

Part 2 Of Hour Two

Part 3 Of Hour Two

Part 4 Of Hour Two

Part 5 Of Hour Two

Part 1 Of Hour Three

Part 2 Of Hour Three

Part 3 Of Hour Three

Part 4 Of Hour Three

Part 5 Of Hour Three



2 responses to “THE SUNDAY SERVING: The Elegant Universe

  1. foxhollowjewelry

    I am glad you are back. I missed you.

  2. Thanks. I’m glad I’m back too. And I’m I’m blessed to have you back. Thanks so much.

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