TODAY’S MUSE: Organize a Creative Workspace

Artist’s Studio by Jan Vermeer

DAILY MUSE | Part of allowing creativity into your life means setting aside space for creativity to easily occur when it moves through you. Today, set aside a space in your home. A desk. A workbench. A chair or a corner. Provide yourself an adequate work surface, and adjacent to it gather all the tools, supplies, instruments or equipment needed for your creative endeavors. Have them easily accessible and organized. Have the space clear from any clutter other than what is needed for you creations. Set it up so that it is always ready to go when you are moved to create. That way you can begin creating at the time the spirit moves you, rather than expending amounts of your creative energy in clearing the space of clutter at the time you are wanting most to create.

Once you set up the space, keep it that way. Do not let the clutter of life drift into it. Preserve your creative space always for when you need to create. This makes creativity a priority in your life and will stir the creative spirit within you.

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3 responses to “TODAY’S MUSE: Organize a Creative Workspace

  1. Isn’t it interesting how order is a precursor to spontaneity. If you want more freedom, become more disciplined. I think that what you are suggesting here could also be done with our time. Just like we need to clear space for our creative nature to move freely, knowing there is adequate time to create leads to a more efficient letting go of the concerns that inhibit creative expression.

    This is a great reminder that our creative spirit needs both freedom and discipline to thrive. This is true in art and life.

  2. I enjoyed your creativity/oganization suggestion. Vermeer’s “The Concert” is perfect representation. Such a fantastic artist with a singular expression entrenched in the new age of realism.

  3. Oops….sorry, I mistakenly identified the painting as “The Concert”…..before reading the title you included!

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