TODAY’S MUSE: Oprah After The Show… “The Secret”

DAILY MUSE | Since posting “The Secret”, Oprah’s feature on “The Secret”, and “The Science of Getting Rich”, I came across this excellent link to the Oprah After The Show discussion of ‘The Secret’. Enjoy! | via Law of Attraction Blog

“The Secret” website where you can buy the movie.
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3 responses to “TODAY’S MUSE: Oprah After The Show… “The Secret”

  1. Yes, The Secret is awesome!

    Life changing stuff…. to be sure.

    I have written simple little instructions on how to download Oprah and The Secret… here:


  2. The authors of The Secret are clearly guilty of the most basic kind of fraud: the sale of snake-oil. Not one could pass a polygraph claiming to believe what they’ve written. Oprah’s promotion of this rip-off is shameful. I eagerly await their comeuppance.

  3. Malfred… I’m so sorry that you feel this way… and you are perfectly entitled to your feelings and opinion. Bless you.

    Through my own personal experience, I have found that the principles described in these teachings are very accurate, true and powerful. I’ve found they are working in my life whether I’m aware of them or not. They work in either direction as well (i.e. positive or negative). Consider that the things that you consistently say about yourself (and others) and about your life (and others’ lives), combined with the feelings you have of those thoughts, have attracted experiences into your life that meet those criteria. Essentially– you get what you measure for. If you are consistently measuring for spite, scarcity, greed, shame, guilt, fraud and revenge, then that will show up in your experience. If you are consistently measuring for gratitude, abundance, love, full self-expression, creativity and the goodness in others, then that’s what tends to show up. I choose to measure for the later.

    Consider that it really is your choice how you see the world.

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