DAILY MUSE | Lately, I seem to be tracing a theme of quantum physics and its relationship to us as human beings and creators. So far over the last few weeks I’ve had “The Secret“, Oprah’s episode on the Secret, The Secret’s Source and “What the Bleep Do We Know“. Here is another related film, one of my favorites… “Mindwalk”. It follows an artist, a politician and a physicist in conversation as they walk around the Isle of Mont Saint-Michel– arguably one of the most beautiful creations in the world. As their tour and discussion progresses you begin to realize that they are essentially walking around the mind of man. It’s heavy. But mind blowing. Particularly if you’ve never heard of systems theory.

(While the quality of the video is poor, stick with it. It’s worth tolerating for the fascinating conversation… much akin to another classic, “My Dinner with Andre”. And it’s got a great Philip Glass soundtrack. Buy a real copy here if you like.)


5 responses to “Mindwalk

  1. foxhollowjewelry

    Great movie…I sat here and watched it and can’t believe I have never seen it. You have a wonderful blog here, and I really appreciate the time you have taken to put it all together. Thank you.

  2. foxhollowjewelry… I’m so glad that you enjoyed it. You are very welcome. Please come back. I enjoy sharing these wonderful things.

  3. I’ve seen this movie three times, every time on television and everytime, at least 30 minutes in… And, having seen the majority of it, I didn’t think it was worth the effort of renting it… Thanks for giving me my half hour… and the priceless line John Heard line on Americans and their honest insincerity…

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  5. HELP! The audio cuts off at the end. Can anyone tell me what the name of the last poem he says is??

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