TODAY’S MUSE: Squiggles

DAILY MUSE | TODAY’S MUSE comes from a fellow WordPress blogger, Weird Guy. He explains the childhood memory of a friend who’s mother had a unique way to keep order in the car and the kids occupied on long car trips. She… “would take pieces of paper and draw random lines and squiggles on them and then hand each child a sheet with the lines on it. She would have the kids use the existing lines to draw a picture from their imagination. Once a picture was handed back as “completed”, she would repeat the process all over again.”

I find this to be a great creative exercise. In fact, I tried it with my god daughter last night–she loved it. It really frees up one’s imagination and gets one into opening up to a communal creative process– that kind when something can be created soley by the combined creative efforts of yourself with others.

Consider that this creative technique can be applied to all forms of art as well– music composition, dance, comedy, theatre, painting, film, and more. It’s a method of improvisation.

Try it. If you do, or have, share about it here.

Read more here… (link and photos via Weird Guy)

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One response to “TODAY’S MUSE: Squiggles

  1. Thanks for the comment and links. Nice blog too! Lot’s of fun creative items here.

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