TODAY’S MUSE: “The Secret’s” Source

DAILY MUSE | Two days ago you watched the movie “The Secret”. Yesterday, you watched Oprah’s feature on “The Secret”. Today, read the manuscript that was the original source of “The Secret”– “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles.

Tomorrow… back to our regular series of TODAY’S MUSE.

“The Secret” website where you can buy the movie.
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3 responses to “TODAY’S MUSE: “The Secret’s” Source

  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I have seen the secret before, but will be glad to see it online again for free.

    More than that, your mention of (and link to) that Wallace Wattles title has led me to have what I can only describe as a revelation. All the ideas I’ve read and thought about for a few years now seem to have come together into a harmonious whole. The catalyst was reading through that Wallace Wattles book . The authoritative tone and slightly archaic use of language seems to have touched my heart. . .

    In a mood of overwhelming gratitude for all things,


  2. BeetrootChessElf…you are so very welcomed. And thank you so much for telling me this. It means so much to hear that something I’ve offered has made a difference in someone else’s life or has guided someone to a place of power, light, fulfillment. Thank you so much.

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