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Chimps Have Begun Arming Themselves

DAILY MUSE | The prophetic scene from ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ has come to pass… for real. West African chimps have been seen sharpening sticks to use as weapons against prey. Listen to the ‘Weekend Edition’ story here. Listen to a more in depth ‘Day to Day’ story here.


TODAY’S MUSE: Make a God Box

DAILY MUSE | Sometimes when I get stuck with something, I put a note inside a box and give it up to a higher power– call it God, the Creator, the Life Force, or simply Upper Management– and wait for an answer, reply, or solution to arise. Here’s a good description of a God Box (via Tera’s Wish). Anne Lamont describes her use of a God Box in her own unique way. Another way of doing this comes via Julia Cameron (as described by brandyalien). “Make a box or some other container, decorate it, and put your hopes, fears, dreams, secrets, wishes, etc. in it for consideration by spirits/higher beings/celestials, etc. When you feel like your submission has been considered, withdraw the submission and burn it, or drop it in some random place with a blessing, or some other such ritualistic thing. ”

On the humorous side… here’s a funny and unique God Box you can participate in online.

Is The Queen Blessed With a Lack of Imagination?

UPDATE | Click the Interview links I placed below. I’ve been having trouble formatting the player for Google videos.

DAILY MUSE | Consummate actor Helen Mirren, and my favorite for the Academy Award for her role as “The Queen”, speaks with Charlie Rose. Watch it below. Her performance in the movie was uncanny- full with subtlety. However in the interview, Mirren makes an extraordinarily unsubtle comment that “perhaps the Queen is blessed with a lack of imagination”. I found it to be a stunning comment; I’ve never thought of a lack of imagination as a blessing. But there you have it! Watch it in the context of their conversation below. The interview is the second segment in the episode. You can forward to its beginning by moving the bar at the bottom to 33:30 minutes. The discussion leading to the comment above begins at about 39:30. (Interview link)

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TODAY’S MUSE: Make Your Own Muse

DAILY MUSE | Read my Introduction to TODAY’S MUSE. What was the first creative idea that came to you? Take it on. Do it. Or take a step towards it.

CREATORS AT LARGE- The White Stripes

DAILY MUSE | I admire the bold, creative vision and graphic sensibilities in this video, one of my favorites from the last few years– “Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes. (Cool website too). I admire how they maintain a clear and consistent, graphic, iconic sense of design in all their work, image and presentation. It seems to originate from their music, therefore occuring as organic, integral and true.

TODAY’S MUSE : Turn Things Around

DAILY MUSE | Tonight, sleep in your bed with your head at the foot of the bed and your feet at the head… Yes… I’m serious. Sometimes you have to mix things up, turn things around to access your creativity. Yesterday, it had to do with changing how you brushed your teeth. Today it is this. Try it. Then see what opens up for you.

Click here for a general introduction to TODAY’S MUSE.

Sledgehammer Stop-Motion

DAILY MUSE | Current viral videos like “Tony vs. Paul“, relying on amateur yet ingeneous stop-motion technology, owe debt to the ingenuity of this mid 80’s video for the Peter Gabriel song “Sledgehammer”. Watch it again below.