BREAKING NEWS: Tomb of Jesus and Family Found

DAILY MUSE | Claims by James Cameron, Hollywood director of ‘Titanic’ and ‘The Terminator’, that he has found the real tomb of Jesus will no doubt prove to be controversial– and perhaps a groundshaking challenge to the beliefs of millions of Christians around the world. His version of the conclusion of Jesus’s life more closely resembles that of ‘The Da Vinci Code’ than the narrative of time honored Christian tradition. He claims that Jesus was entombed with his family, including his wife, Mary Magdalene, and his son, Judah (some have reported that the name is Jonah). Cameron’s claims are supported by scientific research, including DNA analysis, which he will include in the broadcast of an upcoming Discovery Channel documentary. Links to other articles about the new findings are listed below.


(Photo credit: Discovery Channel)


6 responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Tomb of Jesus and Family Found

  1. If this were proven to be scientifically true, how would your belief system be affected?

  2. hmm, yeah.
    These challenges come and go, but not before deluding lots of people.

  3. Personally (as a Christian) it would not affect my beliefs. Such “finds” surface somewhat regularly. Some are probably valid, but not able to be proven.

    Further, there is quite a bit of mystery in the Christian faith — which is not a bad thing or a surprising thing when you think about the Biblically defined character of God — which the apostle Paul even points out in the New Testament. However, this mystery seems to have been largely overlooked by what may be centuries of legalism.

  4. “Cameron’s claims are supported by scientific research, including DNA analysis…”

    How do you do DNA analysis without a sample to compare said DNA with? You can compare those found in the tomb and prove they are related, but you can’t show that this is the same Jesus (and family) discussed in the bible through such. I am curious to see how this works when it is released in full- I am reserving judgment until then.

  5. In the comments so far on this thread the findings have been dismissed as either suspicious or irrelevant to one’s belief…. or worse… delusional. They are surely controversial. Whether they are true or not remains to be seen– literally, in the documentary. Apparently the findings have extensive scientific evidence to back up the claims. That’s why I find it intriguing and potentially challenging to one’s beliefs. They raise powerful questions. But I guess we will have to wait until the documentary airs in the U.S. to really take a look at its claims. However, it will be airing in Britain first and then Canada. I guess we in the U.S. aren’t grown up enough to see it first.

    (I’m off to work now. Please continue the discussion.)

  6. I think it’s amusing and equally frightening that people are so invested in religious belief systems to the point of not being tolerant of a competing belief. Indeed demonizing segments of our population for labeled aberrant behavior that God is ultimately responsible for. I speak of the intolerance for homosexuality.

    The death and destruction of life and property that goes on in our world in the name of Allah or God makes no reasonable sense to me. I say shake them all out of their shared delusion.

    Maybe people will begin to act like the compassionate, caring, tolerant humans they profess to be, instead of the barbarians they are.

    If this were the tomb of Jesus, I say bring it on.

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