TODAY’S MUSE: Make a God Box

DAILY MUSE | Sometimes when I get stuck with something, I put a note inside a box and give it up to a higher power– call it God, the Creator, the Life Force, or simply Upper Management– and wait for an answer, reply, or solution to arise. Here’s a good description of a God Box (via Tera’s Wish). Anne Lamont describes her use of a God Box in her own unique way. Another way of doing this comes via Julia Cameron (as described by brandyalien). “Make a box or some other container, decorate it, and put your hopes, fears, dreams, secrets, wishes, etc. in it for consideration by spirits/higher beings/celestials, etc. When you feel like your submission has been considered, withdraw the submission and burn it, or drop it in some random place with a blessing, or some other such ritualistic thing. ”

On the humorous side… here’s a funny and unique God Box you can participate in online.


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