Chimps Have Begun Arming Themselves

DAILY MUSE | The prophetic scene from ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ has come to pass… for real. West African chimps have been seen sharpening sticks to use as weapons against prey. Listen to the ‘Weekend Edition’ story here. Listen to a more in depth ‘Day to Day’ story here.


5 responses to “Chimps Have Begun Arming Themselves

  1. They’re probably sick and tired of being used as guinea pigs. First kill for food then turn on the enemy. The enemy is us. Competitors for resources. The cycle of life goes on. We are witnessing a monumental event. We should take heed, but we won”t.

    The tourist trade may improve, “Look Martha, that monkey has a big sharp stick, aarrrg.”

  2. LOL Diane. I guess the arms race has begun.

  3. That is crazy

  4. Did they also find an obelisk?

  5. Woeful…I have not seen any reports yet of the appearance of the ‘monolith’… But given this news, and the general shape of the world right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually did show up.

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