Is The Queen Blessed With a Lack of Imagination?

UPDATE | Click the Interview links I placed below. I’ve been having trouble formatting the player for Google videos.

DAILY MUSE | Consummate actor Helen Mirren, and my favorite for the Academy Award for her role as “The Queen”, speaks with Charlie Rose. Watch it below. Her performance in the movie was uncanny- full with subtlety. However in the interview, Mirren makes an extraordinarily unsubtle comment that “perhaps the Queen is blessed with a lack of imagination”. I found it to be a stunning comment; I’ve never thought of a lack of imagination as a blessing. But there you have it! Watch it in the context of their conversation below. The interview is the second segment in the episode. You can forward to its beginning by moving the bar at the bottom to 33:30 minutes. The discussion leading to the comment above begins at about 39:30. (Interview link)

Helen Mirren is one of my favorite actors. Here is another interview with her I came across.


3 responses to “Is The Queen Blessed With a Lack of Imagination?

  1. I think I need an editor. Sorry that this post was plagued by typos and weird grammar since yesterday. I think I have the typos removed and grammar is at least improved now… hopefully.

  2. I can see how a lack of imagination would make life simpler and less stressful; less worry because we wouldn’t be able to imagine all the horror that can befall us.

    Less interpersonal conflict because we wouldn’t be able to imagine all the ways we can be betrayed by loved ones.

    Less worry about what to eat, because without an imagination we would be content with less variety.

    I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point for the value of lack of imagination.

  3. Yes, I suppose your right. It would make one’s life simpler. I think I would die of boredom if I had no imagination. Give me the rickety roller coaster ride of creativity any day over constant, plodding boredom.

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