Spontaneous Commmunal Performance Art

DAILY MUSE | via flashmobvids | I’d heard of Flash Mobs, but never by name. My first exposure was a brief mention on NPR and an obscure but curious XBox TV commercial which ran briefly on air afew years ago. Each account fascinated me. The NPR report conjured up that voice in me that longed for urban living, just so I could participate in one. The TV ad documented a fantastically complex make-believe-urban- shoot-out which made me long for childish innocence and foolishness.

Wikipedia describes a Flash Mob as “a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, do something unusual for a brief period of time, and then quickly disperse. They are usually organized with the help of the Internet or other digital communications networks.” People often congregate in mob for only a few minutes and then continue on with their day.

Flash Mobs are a thoroughly new, completely invented social phenomenon. In fact, invented by one person. A sort of communal performance art break, it arises organically from the mash-up of rapid communication (made possible only by today’s digital communication devices and networks) and some random persons inkling for a mob of fun. Have pager will mob. As a revolutionary new social framework for communal play and creativity, could they be a remedy to heal our social woes? A sort of momumentally scaled Theatre of the Absurd. Much better than a therapy session. And much more fun.

A real Flash Mob event documented on video is a match made in blogger heaven. Flashmobvids recently began a blog entitled Flash Mob Videos offering YouTube feeds documenting real flash mobs events from all over the world. I was so taken by flashmobvids blog that I looked it up on Wikipedia to learn more about it. Noticing that there was no flashmob video sites listed in the external links section, I took it upon myself to add one. It looks to me that flashmobvids blog has already seen an upsurge in traffic.

via flashmobvids

(Note from DailyMuse: Sorry but this post needs editing… I’ll be back as soon as I can.)


3 responses to “Spontaneous Commmunal Performance Art

  1. Check this one in with pillows (¿?)Bogota:

  2. That looked like fun mercenario. Did you film that?

  3. No, but a friend was there and told me that people seem to enjoy “la pelea” very much. In Argentina it was made with much more people last year.

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