The Daily Paintings of Jeff Hayes

Silver Creamer and Sliced Peppers, Jeff Hayes

DAILY MUSE | I stumbled upon Boston artist Jeff Hayes who paints one painting everyday, which he then places on eBay for auction. They are reasonably priced, generally starting at $100. He lists them in his WordPress blog.

His work has a wonderful sense of light and contrast (what the italians would call ‘chiaroscuro’) in a unique blend of ultra-realism and impressionism all at once.

Silver Sugarbowl and Orange Marmalade, Jeff Hayes

Raspberry, Blueberry , Cherry, Jeff Hayes

I’m in awe of artists that remain consistent in their practice everyday. Mine seems to naturally come and go in spurts. The steady dedication of Jeff, Noah (earlier post) and others is most impressive. Of course, the grass is always greener right?


4 responses to “The Daily Paintings of Jeff Hayes

  1. Amazing idea. Your paintings are beautiful.

  2. Thank you … but these are not my paintings. I wish they were. In fact one of them may become mine as I have bid on it in an auction.

    Actually, my work is quite different. I tend to be more abstract in my work. And work more in watercolor.

    I work sporadically and in creative spurts. So I admire the dedication of artists who produce work daily.

    My day job is at an architectural firm so I am producing daily in design. But not so much in fine art.

    You can see one of my pieces in my first blog entry entitled “In the beginning was…”

  3. I just bought the piece above entitled “Silver Sugarbowl and Orange Marmalade”. I just really wanted it!

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