What do the PowerPuff Girls & the Beatles have in common?

UPDATE | I just noticed that these episodes are “with commentary”. While the commentary is pretty funny in and of itself, I’d like to see the original episode without it. Does anyone have a link?

DAILY MUSE | One Saturday morning a few years ago I stopped by my brother’s house. He was watching a clever and funny PowerPuff Girls cartoon with his daughter, which was layered throughout with Beatles lyrics (as dialogue) and Beatles trivia.

Someone worked really hard on that episode and got alot of creative latitude in putting it together. Alot of stuff would only be understood by serious Beatles trivia buffs. Surprisingly my neice was getting it all, undoubtedly because she was raised loving the Beatles (as my Brother did and passsed on his love of them to her.)

That day I only saw part of the episode. So I was glad to find it on YouTube and be able to watch it in its entirety. It’s called “Meet the Beat-Alls” and it gets really funny when Yoko shows up. It even uses an obscure reference to her “yes”/ladder/magnifiying glass artwork, the piece that I believe John experienced when he first met her.

It’s in two parts, one above the fold and one below the fold.

Here are a few links to help you decipher the references:

“Meet the Beat-Alls”, wikipedia

Beatles references in “Meet the Beat-Alls”


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