UPDATE | This morning I sent Sam an email notifying him that I’d written a blog entry about him. I also suggested a title for one of his next drawings – “Your linked to my blog”. I’ll keep you all posted if he actually does one and post the image in an update.

DAILY MUSE | I’ve followed the visual artist Sam Brown‘s work for the last few years ( see it on his website explodingdog.com) and am inspired by his prolific creative drive and unique vision. He creates single image cartoons from titles suggested by visitors to his blog or via email. The above work is entitled “Maybe I TryToo Hard”.

Check out the nifty products, prints, books and apparel featuring his quirky, unique work on his website. I like the tone of his website and his humble words; he seems like a good person. Perhaps I’ll run into him someday as he is a fellow Connecticut resident.


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