DAILY MUSE | This fab four has a playful muse energizing their catchy, infectiously fun, indie pop. While OK Go doesn’t take themselves too seriously, they do take what they do very seriously. Take their homemade dance video of “A Million Ways” for example (download it here, or or click on the image below to watch). Choreographed by lead singer/guitarist Damian Kulash‘s sister (former ballroom dancer, Trisha Sie) and performed on his backyard patio completely in a single shot/single take, it’s richly amateur and yet full of keen complexities. “Striking the perfect balance between earnest and ironic” they are who they are… cool nerds.

The video started a virtual internet frenzy that lead to an avalanche of downloads and became one of the very first viral video phenomenons on the internet.

Some now say it is the most downloaded music video in history. Although it may have been surpassed by their follow-up video, a fine example of creative improvisation on a theme of health club treadmills.

For more OK Go tongue in cheek action, check out their “Ping Pong Instructional Video” and their Public Service announcements… full of improvisational, experimental, low-tech fun that’s full of heart and humor. And check out their latest album “OK No”.

Take a cue from OK Go. Let loose. Have fun. You can stop taking yourself so seriously… and still do the best that you can do.

Also, check out the interview on NPR describing how the “A Million Ways” video came about.


One response to “OK Go

  1. They won a Grammy tonight for best Short Form Music Video for “Here it Goes Again”. They beat out the killers and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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